Who woulda thunk…

by hera

I certainly didn’t.

Not a year ago, not six months ago, three months… Hell, not even the day we first met did I think that you would be driving me crazy. I barely knew of your existence two months prior to this day. You were just a face and a name, but definitely not someone I gave much thought. However, you managed to get into my head and consume my thoughts.

Clearly, you’ve done something that caused my brain to rewire. Now, it seems as if this big head of mine is filled with images of you. How you managed to break down my walls and lower my guards in such a short amount of time still baffles me… I’m more cautious now than ever, yet you broke through every protection I built to shield me from getting hurt again.

It’s such a strange, but wonderful feeling to be admired. It’s also so new, which makes it scarier than it would’ve been if I had any experiences with relationships.

Every day I wonder how someone like you is actually interested in someone like me. I try not to let my insecurities win over and ruin whatever is just beginning. Yet, time and again they cloud my thoughts. I would just like to enjoy what we have because this seems like something special. I have no idea how things will end up, but I’m rooting that this is for the long haul because you are quite something and I think you may be able to give me my happily ever after.