Why I should stop seeing you as a potential…

by hera

  • You’re adventurous and each time spent with you is thrilling, but I somehow end up feeling that I’m never good enough for you
  • I will never be your first choice
  • Our morals do not line up
  • You don’t believe in God
  • You’re not very supportive
  • We’re really good friends and I would hate to do anything that will change that
  • We will never be able to make each other the happiest we could be
  • You remember the things I say, but it seems that when we talk it’s all about you
  • You’re smart and talented, but you can be too much to handle
  • We always end up doing what you want
  • Being with you, talking about you, doing what you want is fun, but can be pretty draining physically and emotionally
  • I can never speak my mind with you because I’m afraid that you will judge me
  • You’re someone I wouldn’t mind taking home to my family, but I would think about whether I want to go home with you each night and start a family with you
  • We like the same music and laugh at the same jokes, but is that enough?
  • You don’t take care of your body and your heart
  • I don’t fully agree with your view on relationships
  • I can’t sit comfortably in silence with you