by hera

Each person strives to reach a goal, or multiple goals. Sometimes we pause, then there are times when we have to stop completely at our tracks. During these times, I tend to reflect on my actions and the reasonings behind them. Do I still want to work for the same goals? It can become redundant at times, a little robotic even. For this very reason, I question my purpose in life. Does doing the same things over and over again to reach the goals that I’m working for justify the act? Should I be doing more things to be more helpful to the community, or should I continue working on what I’m doing? I guess having a sense of what my purpose in life is would help direct and motivate me to strive for my goals. Lately, I just haven’t been feeling like I have a purpose… I’m craving affection from those who love me. I’m craving their company and support. Maybe that’s really what’s missing from my life right now. I’m surrounded by people who don’t really care about me, and people I don’t care about. We’re all going through the motions, all trying to reach our goals. Maybe I need the people who love me to remind me of my purpose and why I’m working for my goals. The people who love me are the people I love, and being in their presence makes me work a little harder. Seeing them makes everything I do less selfish because I’m reminded that, yes, I am doing this for myself, but also the people who love me.